#TeachSDGs for educators in the UK

Having been asked by teachers in the UK for more information on the #TeachSDGs movement, I've put together a very quick response here. An even quicker one is to visit the website, take the pledge and get stuck in... and use the TeachSDGs hashtag! Here are some more details, including a few examples of relevant activities and publications.

What is #TeachSDGs?

There have been at least two significant UN Higher Level Political Forums this year that have both profiled the World’s Largest Lesson (WLL) and the need to #TeachSDGs. Www.teachsdgs.com organically emerged in early 2017 and is now a growing global movement of educators. It involves taking a pledge to #teachSDGs, connecting up on twitter to @teachSDGs and sharing ideas/practice around the world. I am on the Task Force with 16 others (including the 4 members of the founding executive team: @AdaMMcKim @SkypeAmy @JenWilliamsEdu @ProfeEdTech):

'We, the Global Goals Educator Task Force, in partnership with the United Nations, aim to strengthen the voice of the Educator in their sessions, meetings, and events pertaining to the Sustainable Development Goals. We seek a world where every child learns about the inspiring Global Goals - and we welcome any and all partners and opportunities that move us all closer to this objective. We recruit teachers, gather data, cherish ideas, and submit recommendations directly to the UN annually. Passionate about policy, advocacy, innovation, design thinking, and best practices in global education, we bring diverse perspectives and deep commitment to the SDGs and the children of our world. We invite you to learn more by touring the website, following us at @TeachSDGs, or by contacting us at TeachSDGs@gmail.com' (www.teachsdgs.org)

There are now also a growing number of inspirational teachers and educators involved in the TeachSDGs Ambassador Programme.

The #TeachSDGS movement is supporting the World’s Largest Lesson and vice versa, for example the WLL in partnership with Microsoft Education have produced a great little #TeachSDGS course https://education.microsoft.com/courses-and-resources/courses/SDG

So what’s going on in the UK?

Lots! Acknowledging that there are many NGOs, charities, Development Education Centres and individuals now focusing on engaging with the SDGs education (and not wishing to exclude any of these) here are just a few 2017 highlights and publications for those interested in #TeachSDGs in the UK:

If you know of more things going on, let me know and I'll add them to the list!

What twitter accounts/hashtags are worth following?

#teachSDGs #SDGs #ActionSDG4 #SDGschat (each individual SDG hashtag e.g. #SDG4 #SDG10) @theworldslesson @globalgoalsUN @teachsdgs @SustDev @SDG_Academy @SDGAction @globalcompact @Unicef @UNSDSN @YouthSDGs @SDSNYouth @Education2030UN ... to name just a few! (oh and I'm @ham1)

#GlobalGoalsUK #Globallearning #WorldsLargestLesson #TeachSDGs

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